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You may be wondering, "What is live edge?"" Live edge refers to a type of table top or countertop made out of one or two large planks of wood. We retain its natural, waney edge from the tree that we salvaged. Usually only the bark has been removed and all the natural and beautiful imperfections of the wood are clearly visible. Underlying the craftsmanship involved in producing furniture of this type is the belief that the wood itself is the main focus. All the artistry has been accomplished from the tree. We strive to discover and present the beauty of the wood to you as best we can.

At IHS Woodworks, we source all our live edge lumber locally. Many people are surprised to discover that Saskatchewan has many large trees. Most of these can be found in farmers fields, city streets and backyards. We salvage Elm, Maple, Ash and Willow trees which would otherwise be removed and discarded. We take these trees and mill them at a local sawmill. From there, they are taken and carefully dried in our kiln.

After this process, we produce live edge style tables, countertops, bar tops, and fireplace mantels. Check out our furniture gallery or come by for a visit to see what we do!

We also sell live edge slabs for table tops, countertops, benches, mantels, even stair treads! Some of our clients include full time woodworkers, building contractors and many hobby woodworkers looking to expand their skills. Contact us today to view our selection of live edge slabs.

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