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Behind the Scenes

IHS Woodworks began simply as a desire to make beautiful things out of wood. I learned the rudiments of the woodworking craft working for a local custom furniture designer and maker in Saskatoon. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but after three years decided to try it on my own. Since that time our work has expanded to include the manufacturing and installing of kitchen cabinets.

Three years ago we were initiated into the wonderful world of large wooden slabs. We now salvage our own trees, from cities and from farmers' fields (with many thanks to the PFRA!) to be milled and dried at our own facility located in Borden, Saskatchewan. We have spent a number of years learning how to properly harvest and mill the Siberian (or Manchurian) Elm, Green Ash, Manitoba (Box Elder) Maple and Willow trees found in our area. We air dry our slabs then finish them in our own kiln ensuring they are dried down to the required 6-8% moisture content which guarantees that our wood will no longer warp, twist cup or crack. We accept orders for custom furniture and cabinetry and are often able to incorporate our unique and beautiful local wood. We can also supply live edge table tops, countertops and bar tops. We pride ourselves on producing furniture and cabinetry that is not only beautiful but will endure for centuries.

Please visit our gallery to see all sorts interesting designs and interesting uses of wood. One of our specialties is custom veneer slab style kitchen doors, where we make our own veneer out of uncommon and not easily available woods.

We will gladly respond to any requests for further information or to provide a quote. If you are in the area and want to visit, we are located half hour west of Saskatoon on Highway 16, 101 Main Street in Borden Saskatchewan.

Whatever your project, we are certain we can help!

IHS Woodworks

IHS Woodworks is proud of the positive reputation we have earned by delivering quality, professional services to our valued customers. Our knowledge is backed by years of experience ...

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